Seafood Industry Australia is a go!!

We did it!  Today we hit a pledge amount of $509,160. Seafood Industry Australia is officially a GO!

So where do we go from here:

Hitting the minimum funding target doesn’t mean that we stop, it means that we are definitely moving forward with the establishment of Seafood Industry Australia, it means that we have shown as an industry that we are ready to make some real changes and add real value to our lives and our futures!

If you have already pledged your support, thank you!

You can sit back and wait for further details on how we can all shape the future of SIA.


If you haven’t yet pledged, it’s not too late to get involved and be in the room!

Between now and 16 December you will be hearing from me or from one of my trusted colleagues.  The better the funding the more we can do.  See a Letter of Intent form attached.

YouTube Videos

In case you need more information or want to encourage people you know to join, here are three links to YouTube videos we have created for the project:

Who is Veronica Papacosta –             

Why do we need a National Peak Body: 

What has happened until this point:

Have a great day and I look forward to updating you on the implementation process of SIA in the coming weeks!

Kind Regards,

Veronica Papacosta

Sydney Fresh Seafood


P: 02 9757 2227  |   M: 0409 220 788

Shop 7b, Greenway Plaza

1183 The Horsley Drive

Wetherill Park NSW 2164

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