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Aquaculture Award

Fair Work Australia houses the most up to date Aquaculture Award.

Currently seeking employment in the industry:


Careers Guide/Pathways

Watch: A young student at work on a farm Mackay region (wmv format. Thanks to M West Dec 2011)

Career Progression Analysis project for APFA – details below:

Career Progression Analysis Final Report 28 Oct 2015

ProjectPlan Career progression analysis for APFA final EXT REF GP

Skills and training

Seafood Handling training videos

As part of a suite of Seafood CRC research projects interviews were conducted with around 80 chefs in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane about seafood. The overwhelming message was a lack of knowledge/information about seafood. As a result Seafood CRC developed a project to develop a series of training videos about seafood to be incorporated into the curriculum for apprentice chef/commercial cookery and hospitality students.

For information specifically in relation to prawns Australian Prawn handling for chefs

The HD quality videos can be downloaded from the following links.

https://www.youtube.com/user/FRDCFishfiles / https://vimeo.com/fishfilescheftutorials /


FRDC Samara Miller report 2009-302-DLD Linking careers, research and training – A Pilot for the Seafood Industry.


Quad Bike safety – National Safety Magazine NSCA_May12_Pol_Prac

NCVER Skill Set report NCVER Skill Set literature review

DAFF ABARES – The Australia seafood industry: Workforce information and stakeholder responses January 2012 RR12.1_Aust seafood_REPORT


Skills Formation Strategy Final Reports

1. Research Report SFS Aquaculture FINAL

2. Aquaculture Skills Formation Strategy Steering Committee FINAL

3. Aquaculture Industry Leadership Group FINAL

4. Qld Aqua SFS Action Plan – Industry Supported FINAL

5. Aquaculture SFS Record of Training Outcomes FINAL

6. Bi-Monthly Progress Summary Report FINAL

7. Qld Aqua SFS Final Report FINAL


Training Organisations (to name a few currently used)

James Cook University (JCU) – Professor Dean Jerry Email dean.jerry@jcu.edu.au

LMC Training Pty Ltd – aquaculturesupportservices@gmail.com

University Tasmania (UTAS) – Louise Ward lrward@amc.edu.au


Industry Mentoring

Each year the Seafood CRC undertakes a retreat for its crop of students and invites industry to attend as mentors.
From the 2011 retreat at Sydney Fish Market – please find a short interview with some of the attendees.