The Australian Prawn Farmers Association (APFA) has many resources and can resource information for membership use and general enquiries.

The Association is supported by strong leadership through an Executive Board and a committed Research & Development Committee.

The two groups met in October 2014 and worked on strategic issues. The responses and analysis can be viewed here.

The Executive Board are continually evaluating risks, issues and strategic direction and developed an Issues paper in August 2011.

Farms currently operate in Queensland and NSW and the relevant regulatory State Government department issue annual statistics (below).


Did you know that poo is good for the planet?
Check out this report from the Australian Arctic Division.

Do you know the predicted number of ships expected to pass through the Great Barrier Reef by 2020?
Read here – Greenpeace Boom goes the Reef

What’s behind certification labels?
See full report

Did you know that Australian farmed prawns are a good source of Omega 3, Copper and a source of Selenium?
Just 100grams of farmed black tiger prawns equals the same omega 3 as 1000 grams of chicken breast.

For more information about ‘super seafood’, What’s in Australian seafood has nutritional information and downloads you can use.

If you would like to become a member of the Association and be able to access our database of research, an industry valuation model and an algal reference database please contact the head office.