Current Projects

FRDC 2013/231 Characterising and managing harmful algal bloom that cause production loss on Australian prawn farms.

FRDC 2013/413 Planning, implementation and commercialisation of the Australian prawn farming industries two year R & D plan 2014-2016.

FRDC 2014/722 APFA web update to incorporate R & D and market development results for members.

CRC 2011/734 Controlling biofouling of pond aerators on marine prawn farms.

CRC 2013/036 Viral presence, prevalence and disease management in wild populations of the Australian Black Tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon).

CRC 2010/707 Loss minimisation in farmed prawns through improvements in storage life and colour.

CRC 2009/724 Genetic technologies to support a transformation to profitability and competiveness in F. merguiensis and P. monodon.

CRC Synthesis of Australian Prawn Farmers research for extension to industry and relevant stakeholders.