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How do Prawn Farmers fund R&D?

The Australian prawn farming industry recognises the importance of investing in R&D as a vehicle for a sustainable and profitable future.

In 2001 the Australian prawn farming industry became the first Australian seafood sector to implement a compulsory federal levy based on production, to fund research and development.

The levy (link below) helps to raise up to $300,000 annually for investment in prawn aquaculture R&D.



It gives me great pleasure on behalf of the Seafood CRC, the APFA, DAF Qld and the FRDC to announce the launch of the Australian Prawn Farmers online Algal Directory. This is the final component of the Seafood CRC Biofloc Extension Program (Seafood CRC Project 2012/729) and has been developed in direct response to identified industry needs.

The Australian Prawn Farmers Algal Directory incorporates an image based search function as well as basic and advanced search term functions to provide an online reference on the common pond algae found in Australian marine prawn ponds. In addition it provides a portal through which you can exchange, with other farmers, your experiences and challenges with pond algae behaviour and management relating to production and pond performance. The directory provides the initial platform for farmers to add to and develop to build a comprehensive and up to date directory of significant algal species, their behaviour and management.

The key information exchange feature of the directory means that you can also submit information, images and video on notable harmful or beneficial algae, which will then be validated and incorporated into the directory for the benefit of other farmers. You can also submit enquiries should you encounter an algal bloom or algal species that you are unfamiliar with and upload information, images and videos that may assist with the identification of the alga / algae in question.

The directory will be hosted online by the APFA and administered and managed by David Mann at DAF Qld in association with the FRDC Harmful Algal Bloom Project 2013/231.

Members have been sent codes to access this new directory – any inquiries please contact

APFA Research and Development Plan

A major challenge for industry has been a shortage of data relating to all aspects of prawn farming and also inter-relationships with the environment.
The APFA R&D Plan is administered by the APFA Research & Development Committee. The R&D Committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting of the Association and election is based on expertise.

Research and Development priorities are determined annually by members in a series of workshops and surveys. This ensures that R&D is relevant, dynamic and strategic.


Summary report of the synthesis of research can be found at the link below:
Synthesis of Australian Prawn Farmers research for extension to industry and relevant stakeholders_Final_24March15
Members are encouraged to use this database that now houses in excess of 300 research papers.


The environmental management of prawn farming in Queensland – worlds best practice seven year study (1995-2002).
CSIRO Research summary


THESIS (July 2017)

University Queensland student – Ms Saliza Mohd Nazri
An investigation of the potential economic and environmental benefits of expanding prawn aquaculture in Queensland and reassessment of anomalies in the existing regulatory framework.

# 26 Thesis_41557815_Saliza_2017_UQ