Queensland Ministerial announcement – Fisheries Review


(6 March 2014) This morning in Parliament, Minister McVeigh announced a major review of fisheries in Queensland.  The aim of the review is to modernise and simplify fisheries management systems and cut red tape. This will provide the flexibility for industry to prosper, ensure recreational and traditional fishers have reasonable access to the resource, and ensure our lifestyle is maintained.

Below is the link to the Ministerial Media Statement for your information.  The main message is that it is early days, and there is still a lot of detail to be worked through.  The timeframe for the review is 9 months, which takes us up until December 2014.


As part of the announcement, the Minister also stated there will be no changes to the crab fishery – this means the RIS that was being prepared will not be released and the current management arrangements will be maintained.

In addition, the Minister stated that initiatives such the review of the line fishery and freshwater fisheries will continue on case by case basis, as well as trawl to the extent needed to satisfy obligations for export accreditation.  At this stage, the review will not specifically consider aquaculture, as this review is already being conducted by the Queensland Competition Authority.

Further information will be provided as it becomes available.

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Fisheries and Forestry
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