White Spot scientific papers


00National transocation guidelines bait-berley

07-109120 Report


APHIS 1999 WSSV outbreak in Americas


Bait and Burley pathogen RA

Biology, Host Range, Pathogenesis and Diagnosis of White spot syndrome virusBaldock 1999 enviro impact exotic prawn pathogen establishment in australia

Biosecurity- Prawn and Barra conf2012

C. gigas as sentinel

Chapman 2004 wssv atlantic penaeid shrimp

Chemicals for disinfection of ponds against WSSV

Corsin DAA V Pond Level Risk Factors

Corsin et al. 2001 risk factors WSSV Vietnam

D_COSTA_Joel_2015 elemental analysis for provenance assessment of barra

DAFF 2013 white-spot response manual

durand WSSVpeeled03


Ensuring WSSV Free Sediment and Water for Prevention of WSD

Evans et al 2014 method OsHV-1 detection in seawater

Evans et al 2016 OsHV-1 recirc seawater

Evidence_of_WSSV_transmission_from_the_rotifer_Bra (1)

Exotic Disease Avoidance and Response Strategies for Farms Free From White Spot Syndrome Virus-final

FAO report on pesticides

Final_prawn_IRA_report_7_Oct_09 (2)





GAA Tran July13

Hasson 2006. WSSV in imported prawns

Hine and Mcdiarmant

IGB report imported-pig 2013


Jones 2012 transboundary movements risk

Kewagama Research 2007_13b

KSA Manual_k_Standard_operating_procedures_sept_2015

Kumar 2013 viability of wssv in sediment sun-dried and wet and waterMendoza et al 2014

Li et al. 2016 secret death disease

lo 1999 WSSV geographical differences

Material Safety Data Sheet Australia+sign

McColl WSSV transmission

Mendoza et al 2014

Mijangos 2006 WSSV in wild shrimp Mexico

Minamoto et al 2011

Mohan et al 2002 using dead shrimp

Muller 2010 Brazilian WSSV isolates

Musthaq 2006 WSSV exptal transmission WSSV panulirus

national bait survey 2002

national bait survey followup prawns2007

OIE_Aquatic Manual_ WSSV Section

OIE_Disinfection of Aquaculture Establishments and Equipment

Pages from KSA Manual_k_Standard_operating_procedures_sept_2015

Pena 2007 prevalence wssv wild shrimp philippines

protoReddy_et_al-2011a processing treatments WSSVcol for examining whole gills for WSSV

qPCR for universal detection of WSSV


Rajendran_et_al-1999-experimental host range WSSV

Reddy et al 2011bWSSV still viable after cooking

Reddy, 2011 WSSV transmission risk in cooked prawns

Reddy_et_al-2013 processing treatments WSSV


Reddy_et_al-2011a processing treatments WSSV

Review of current disease threats Thitamadee et al 2016

Review of pathogens of prawns98-086c

rotifers as vector for WSSV transmission

RU KK LO ARE_2033 TSV IHHNV commodity shrimp

Sanchez Paz WSSV emerging

vibrio para survival freezing and heating

Wang 1997 detection whitespot disease in wild caught greasyback taiwan

White Spot Yellow Head Virus Off Shore Testing flow chart Aug 2016 (005)

World Bank 2014 – Reducing disease risk Aquaculture

WSSV & YHV Oz McColl 2004

WSSV and Vibrio Phuoc 2008

WSSV detected in rotifer eggs

WSSV Filtration fractions Esparza leal 2009

WSSV transmission from SH meal – Pongmaneert et al 2001