Biosecurity know how for farms

Biosecurity is a tool for business sustainability. Its objective is to allow production to occur in a sustainable way reducing the economic impact of diseases.  Biosecurity can be considered the sum of all actions to prevent a disease from happening and to achieve fast recovery whenever a disease outbreak occurs. Biosecurity is the sum of measures, actions and plans used to protect the health of stock and to minimize the associated economic risks associated with disease.

APFA recommends that all prawn farms have a formal biosecurity plan and ensure that staff are appropriately trained to maintain biosecurity on their farm.

NSW DPI protocols

Contacts for QBSL:
Ian Anderson, Principal Veterinary Pathologist (Aquatic) (07)-3276 6047
Louise Jackson, Manager Biosecurity Sciences Laboratory  (07) 3276 6061

QDAF Protocols and notifications:

QDAF Prawn translocation protocol final 2016 – 1

Final report 2012-030-DLD  2012/030 Prawn Superpowers Summit– enhancing awareness of emergency aquatic animal disease response
arrangements for the Australian prawn farming industry Matt Landos, March 2013.

3 Australia’s prawn disease status- Prawn and Barra conf2012

4 Biosecurity- Prawn and Barra conf2012

FN20178 FRDC Final Report Prawn Sampling Workshop 1October2015  Aquatic Animal Health Training Scheme – Training for prawn farmers in sample collection Prawn Sampling Workshop –Melony J. Sellars, Tansyn Noble, Jeff A. Cowley and Ian Anderson –October 2015.

Biosecurity Advice Canberra 2016-19