2 thoughts on “Prawn farmers demand quarantine probe

  1. The outbreak of White spot in S/E Qld has taken longer than I expected …… In March 2008 I was awaiting the arrival of my third daughter in Caloundra … To pass the time I used to go fishing every day off the rocks . One day a Victorian tourist asked Where I was catching Sweet Lip & What I was using for Bait . The bloke was brandishing a bag full of Peeled RAW Prawn Tails which he purchased at Woolworths … Later in the day I confirmed by visiting Woolies . I was under the impression that Only Cooked Prawn Products were allowed into the country …..
    HOW did this rubbish get past the Keeper ? AND ; Has anybody started looking for a Money Trail ? .. I trust our leaders about as far as one could be reasonably expected to expectorate their over fed , chair shining BIG pink butts .

    1. Unfortunately green raw prawns have been coming in for a while – putting our industry at risk.
      As you have rightly pointed out fishermen use prawns from the retailers as it is cheaper than buying bait.
      We don’t know how long prawns that have WSD have been in the country. I appears that our farms have been the sentinels for a flawed system that allows this to happen.

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