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What's in APFA Membership?

The Australian Prawn Farmer’s Association (APFA) was formed in 1993 to represent the interests and foster the development of the Australian prawn farming industry.

APFA is committed to assisting prawn farmers’ efforts to be prepared for risks, innovative, profitable, competitive and world leaders in the global prawn farm industry.

With the industry projected to grow to $500m of sales value and to invest $400m in capital expansion projects over the next 5 years, it has never been more beneficial to join the APFA .

The Association provides the link for communications between grower’s and related sectors including infrastructure suppliers, the finance sector, retailers and exporters, technologists, researchers and all levels of government. APFA is also a member of a number of peak body organisations which benefit our Members.

Key Membership Benefits

The APFA has a strong relationship with both Federal and State governments and works hard to maintain a positive, consultative and communicative approach with governments, media and the general public.

The APFA regularly meets with State and Federal government officials about issues of significance affecting members, industry development and policy.

The APFA regularly prepares submissions and attends Senate inquiries on key issues for prawn farmers.

In 2001 the Australian prawn farming industry became the first Australian seafood sector to implement a compulsory federal levy based on production, to fund research, development and extension.

The levy is set on a per kilo of production amount on prawn species and is currently leveraged against the FRDC (Fisheries Research & Development Corporation) through an IPA.

This helps raise approximately $350,000 annually for investment in prawn aquaculture RD&E and with the forecasted growth of the industry, this figure is set to rise.

APFA have an effective and active RD&E Sub-Committee. The 2020-2025 APFA Strategic Plan incorporates the RD&E priorities developed in consultation with members. The RD&E Coordinator position was created to provide an effective and transparent process to manage RD&E projects, maximise leveraging of APFA RD&E funds and to assist in the full realisation of benefits for the RD&E investment by industry. APFA, the RD&E Coordinator and the RD&E Sub-Committee works closely with the FRDC and other funding partners.

Millions of dollars have been spent on research for the prawn farmers for domestication, fertility, genetic selection, hatchery techniques, marketing, consumer insights, industry strategic planning, pond management, water discharge quality levels and all female production, to name a few.

Members of the APFA RD&E Sub-Committee are chosen each year by the APFA Management Committee.

Each year APFA holds an annual conference showcasing the Australian prawn farming industry. Renowned national and international speakers share the latest information on aquaculture and farming practices. The conference provides a great opportunity for networking of business owners, operational staff and key members of the supply chain which in turn assists in advancing our industry. Members receive a discounted rate for attendance. With the COVID-19 pandemic, APFA are working on a virtual event if a face to face event is not possible.

Each year, in conjunction with the annual conference, the Association’s Annual General Meeting and General Meeting is held for members. As a member you hear firsthand what the elected board of Executives and Executive Officer have achieved over the previous twelve months. The meetings are formal and financial and an Annual Association activity report is tabled.

The Australian Prawn Farmers Algal Directory incorporates an image based search function as well as basic and advanced search term functions to provide an online reference on the common pond algae found in Australian marine prawn ponds. In addition it provides a portal through which you can exchange, with other farmers, your experiences and challenges with pond algae behaviour and management relating to production and pond performance. The directory provides the initial platform for farmers to add to and develop to build a comprehensive and up to date directory of significant algal species, their behaviour and management.

The key information exchange feature of the directory means that you can also submit information, images and video on notable harmful or beneficial algae, which will then be validated and incorporated into the directory for the benefit of other farmers. You can also submit enquiries should you encounter an algal bloom or algal species that you are unfamiliar with and upload information, images and videos that may assist with the identification of the alga / algae in question.

Members have been sent codes to access this directory – any inquiries please contact kim.hooper@apfa.com.au.

ALGAL Algae Directory

This APFA-Members-Only directory provides a tool for Australian prawn farmers to assist with the identification of pond phytoplankton.

Membership Documents

Memberships & Fees


We have different memberships available and can tailor these to your needs.

Please send an enquiry with your contact details to Kim Hooper, AFPA Executive Officer.  Kim will be happy to discuss the various options and find a membership that suits you and your business.

As per the Rules of Association, applications for membership are received at the start of each calendar year for APFA Management Committee approval prior to being invoiced. Please see the APFA Rules of Association for more detail.