Handling & Storage

Training Videos

Thanks to the Seafood CRC a series of seafood handling training videos have been produced. The HD quality videos can be downloaded from the following link.


Alternatively the videos can be viewed at

How many to buy?

For a meal size portion of prawns allow approximately 300g of whole prawns per person – they are surprisingly filling

Getting them home

Ideally if you know you’re going to buy prawns, take an esky with ice and place them straight in after you purchase them.

If you don’t have an esky, don’t panic, they should be fine for the ride home, especially if your retailer can add a little ice to the bag, but be sure not to leave them sitting in a hot car for too long.

Where to buy

Australian Grown Prawns are available at most seafood retail outlets throughout Australia. If your local seafood retailer does not stock them, let them know they can be easily sourced.