Levy Consultation and Documents 2018

Mr Ewan Colquhoun from Ridge Partners has been engaged to consult with farms during November/December 2018 in relation to three issues:

  1. Establishing a national prawn aquaculture compulsory White Spot Disease Recovery Levy;
  2. The APFA Farmed Prawn Domestic Marketing Levy, (discussed with farmers in late 2016 but put on-hold due to WSD); and
  3. The APFA Strategic Plan, (also discussed with farmers in late 2016 but put on-hold due to WSD).

The Australian Prawn Farmers Association (APFA) is supporting this consultation program to engage members and farmers about these three matters.

Please read the relevant documents linked below:

APFA Strategic Marketing Plan 2016-21 Final

APFA Marketing Levy Plan – Final confirmed with DAWR 20161007

APFA Marketing Levy Pros and Cons – 20161128

APFA Marketing Levy Frequently Asked Questions 2018

Australian Prawn Farm White Spot Disease Recovery Levy 2018

DOA levy-principles-guidelines

Please note the APFA Marketing Plan and related Levy Plan were developed and approved in 2016 prior to the initial round of farm consultation in December 2016.   The outbreak of WSD in December 2016 meant that all Levy and Strategic Planning and consultation was put-on-hold indefinitely.  The delivery of the WSD Support package from DAWR in 2017-18 has enabled the consultation for the Marketing Levy, Strategic Plan and the WSD Recovery Levy to be implemented at the same time in 2018-19.  The dates shown on some documents are therefore based on plans approved prior to the 2016 WSD outbreak.

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