It isn’t a conference without keynote speakers!

It isn’t a conference without keynote speakers!

Ridley and the Australian Prawn Farmers Association are very excited to announce keynote speakers at this year’s symposium.

George Chamberlain, President of the Global Aquaculture Alliance

George Chamberlain received his MS and Ph.D degrees in aquaculture from Texas A&M University and served as President of the World Aquaculture Society in 1996. In 1997, he assisted in founding the Global Aquaculture Alliance, a science-based non-profit organisation, dedicated to the sustainability of aquaculture. More Information here

Oscar Hennig, the Operation Director of Benchmark Group’s Spring Genetics

Oscar has over 25 years experience and has managed for more than 8 years the Shrimp Improvement Systems breeding programs in Hawaii, including the company’s Penaeus monodon program.

Prior to that, Oscar managed the breading program for Kona Bay Marine Resources. He has also been the Konasite Manager of the famous Oceanic Institute and the R&D officer at Moana which is one of the few groups in the world working with P.monodon domestication. More information here


Ana Gonçalves, a nutrigenomics researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research

Ana graduated in Marine Biology and Fisheries from Algarve University in Portugal, then MSc and Ph.D in Aquatic Biosciences from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, focusing on the evaluation of oral probiotics as health enhancers and stress reducers in aquaculture. In 2013, she joined the Aquaculture Genome Technology group at INCAR, the first governmental funded research center focused on aquaculture sustainability in Chile. Since then, she has developed projects on functional feeds and diet optimization by using nutrigenomic tools, with a main focus on understanding intestinal functioning and the relationship with gut microbiome and its modulation in different aquatic species. More information here

William Pegg, the Director and Founder, Synthesis Group

William’s key questions are: “Are you paying more than you need to? Can you be certain your suppliers are bringing you their best?” Discovering new ways of working is in the life blood of every business – or it should be.
William is the author of “Changing the Game” and explains procurements role in Innovation and making your business smarter by reducing expenses and increasing profitability. More information here

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