Good news for aquaculture

Good News For Aquaculture MR

Senator The Hon Ian Macdonald

Liberal – Queensland – LNP


MEDIA RELEASE 26.08.2015



Aquaculture Delivering Economic and Environmental Benefits: Macdonald

An Inquiry into the Northern Australian aquaculture industry has today heard evidence that prawn farms pose no environmental risk to estuary or reef ecosystems.

Northern based Senator Ian Macdonald, who has attended the Inquiry hearings and site inspections over the past two days, has said that today’s evidence is good news for an industry that has suffered under an unnecessary regulatory burden.

“Scientists from James Cook University and CSIRO agree that any impact from nutrients and prawn farm discharge is very minimal,” Senator Macdonald said.

“The prawn farms operating on the Queensland coast are having zero detrimental impact on reef ecosystems, and zero detrimental impact on the mangrove and estuary habitats.

“In fact, the science is suggesting that the mangroves and estuaries around the prawn farms are in much better shape than elsewhere exactly because of the nutrients that run off from the farms into the coastal ecosystem.

“We have heard a lot of stories about recreational fishers travelling many miles just to fish creeks near prawn farm outlets because of the quality of the barramundi,” The Senator said.

Senator Macdonald, who is Chair of the Northern Development White Paper Implementation Oversight Committee, said that aquaculture will be a key industry for the future of the north.

“As the science improves and the outcomes improve we need to do everything we can to assist this industry and not give a voice to the alarmist environmental lobby whose position is not supported by the science and who will happily sabotage Australian jobs.

“Aquaculture is an industry that needs to be fostered – not tied up in red-tape – so that it can provide economic benefit for northern Australia for years to come.



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