Australian Prawns – an Aussie Christmas Tradition

Australian prawns one week to Christmas – an Aussie Christmas Tradition

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Australian Prawns – an Aussie Christmas Tradition

With one week to Christmas, the trawlers are tied up at the pier, the farms are furiously harvesting, tonnes of Australian prawns are on ice and retailers are ready for the crush as the Christmas rush approaches.

“Fishers and farmers are proud that their product is a part of Australian Christmas tradition and we work hard to fulfill that demand” says the chair of Australian Council of Prawn Fishers, Annie Jarrett. “Australian prawn supplies to the major retailers have been locked in and consumers can rest assured that ample supply of top quality, sustainable Aussie prawns will be on hand this season”.

“Australian prawns are a sustainable, ethical choice for discerning consumers – and not just at Christmas” said Ms Jarrett.

Helen Jenkins from the Australian Prawns Farmers Association said “that 40 per cent of Australian prawn consumption occurred over Christmas.

This means that of the 15,000 tonnes of prawns produced and consumed in Australia, 6 million kilograms are sold during Christmas season.

Ms Jarrett and Ms Jenkins said that Consumers can be confident when they see the Love Australian Prawns logo or Love Australian Prawns marketing material that they are getting high quality, sustainable Australian prawns.

“We have created a ‘prawn finder’ for discerning passionate consumers who want to know where to find Aussie prawns. Check it out at” they said.

This Christmas eating prawns can be fancy but doesn’t have to be difficult. There’s something special about grabbing a fresh kilo of cooked prawns on any day. Make them your hero dish on Christmas day, have an impromptu picnic with family or friends and don’t forget New Year’s celebrations.

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