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Australian Prawn Farmers Association

The Australian Prawn Farmers Association (APFA) is the peak representative organisation for the Australian farmed prawn industry.

Established in 1993, APFA represents the common interest of members, promotes and supports all aspects of the industry and is committed to assisting prawn farmers’ efforts to be prepared for risks, innovative, profitable, competitive and world leaders in the global prawn farm industry.

APFA provides the link for communications between growers and related sectors including infrastructure suppliers, the finance sector, retailers and exporters, technologists, researchers and all levels of government.

One of the primary functions of APFA is to oversee and manage national Research and Development investment in farmed prawn related research. APFA has a dedicated RD&E sub-committee and the Association was the first seafood industry to introduce a compulsory RD&E levy. 

We are proud members of Seafood Industry Australia and Wet Tropics Waterways and our collaborative relationship with Fisheries Research Development Corporation.

Matt West - Prawn Farmer and APFA President
Matt West | APFA President

Who we are

President: Matt West
Vice President: John Moloney
Treasurer: Deb Herbst

Management Committee Members

Dallas Donovan
Alistair Dick
Shannon Moore
Dr Richard Smullen
Nick Kempe
Dave McNamara
Scott Walter

Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025

Strategic Plan & Priority Activities

This Strategic Plan was developed in 2019 by farmers, the APFA and the FRDC.
The Plan positions the farmed prawn industry to make best advantage of its strategic and investment choices over the next 5 years.

Strategic Plan 2020 - 2025 cover

Association Structure

The APFA Management Committee is responsible for the strategic direction of the Association and all participate on a voluntary basis sharing their time, skills and knowledge for the betterment of the Industry.

Each year in conjunction with an annual conference/symposium the Association’s Annual General Meeting is held. This is where members get to hear firsthand what their elected board of Management Committee members and Executive Officer have achieved over the previous twelve months. At the AGM Ordinary Members are stood down every two years and Associate Members every 1 year and any two financial members of the Association can nominate any other financial members to serve on the Management Committee. Each member can only have one authorised representative to vote.

APFA’s Rules of Association are found here.

APFA’s Executive Officer is a paid position. The Executive Officer is responsible for the operational arm of the Association. This includes policy, submissions, advocating, media, networking, meeting with key decision makers, communicating with industry members and stakeholders, chairing sub-committees, representing member interests, promoting the industry and all things in between.

Interested in becoming a Member?

With the industry projected to grow to $500m of sales value and to invest $400m in capital expansion projects over the next 5 years, it has never been more beneficial to join the APFA.

Find out more about available memberships and how your business or organisation can benefit from becoming a member.

Kim Hooper - APFA Executive Officer
Kim Hooper | APFA Executive Officer