Australia Prawn Farm – expands

Australia Prawn Farm – expansion

April 14, 2015
AustraliaQueensland—Australian Prawn Farms ExpandsAustralian Prawn Farms has 33 one-hectare ponds.  To keep up with demand, it plans to add another 16, which will boost its production by about 50 percent.  General Manager Matt West said the new ponds will be completed by October 2015 and put to use immediately.  Each new pond will be 1.5 meters deep and produce up to 20 metric tons a year.  The farm’s biggest customer, a major supermarket chain, wants all the shrimp the farm produces.  West said, “We…currently employ about 30 to 40 people.  When we expand, you are looking at about 50 people.”

Source:  Central Queensland Prawn Farm Begins Expansion to Meet Growing Demand.  David Sparkes.  April 13, 2015.

Aquaculture creating employment opportunities in region (Daily Mercury)