APFA applauds the Queensland government support for growth of sustainable aquaculture

APFA response QLD Aquaculture report released

26th April 2016.

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In response to a media release on aquaculture (April 22, 2016) http://statements.qld.gov.au/Statement/2016/4/22/aquaculture-report-released

Australian Prawn Farmers Association (APFA) applauds the Palaszczuk Governments support and its recently released strategy to promote the growth of sustainable aquaculture in Queensland.

Industry has waited a long time for this support and we will look forward to continue working with the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries – Leanne Donaldson to get some of the actions outlined in more detail.

Whilst it is great news that the Qld government has shown this support, it must be noted that this is still a state based policy and we hope the state government will work on facilitating this enthusiasm with federal departments.  It would be opportune for this state based policy to align itself with the federal recommendations from the “Scaling Up” inquiry for growing aquaculture in the north.

Support from the QLD government for the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) report into regulation for aquaculture will provide new investors with confidence and greater certainty to come into to the industry.

In Queensland there are many good regional areas that are screaming for alternative employment options at present.

Matt West, APFA President stated that “this is a very exciting industry that works diligently to produce our excellent food in the most efficient and environmentally sustainable manner”.

“These are exciting times for aquaculture development and we are pleased that aquaculture has finally been recognised as an industry with potential to develop, provide employment in regional areas and supply sustainable seafood.”


Media Contact: Matt West 0428 457 787

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