Board & Structure

Board Members

The APFA Management Committee was elected at the Annual General Meeting at RACV Royal Pines Resort Gold Coast on 13 August 2018. The next AGM is on 29 July 2019 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.


President Matt West
Vice President Alistair Dick
Treasurer Deb Herbst

Management Committee members
Nick Kempe
Warren Lewis
Dr Richard Smullen
Warren Truloff
Dallas Donovan

R & D committee 2018
Chair Tony Charles

Committee members
Kelly Condon
Dr Matthew Briggs
Ben Pope
Justine Holgate
Wayne Dibartolo
Tom Ryan

Marketing Sub Committee members
Warren Lewis
Scott Walter
Fiona Martin


Each year in conjunction with an annual conference/symposium the Association’s Annual General Meeting and General Meeting is held for members. This is where members get to hear first hand what their elected board of Management Committee members and Executive Officer have achieved over the previous twelve months. At the AGM all Management Committee members are stood down and any two financial members of the Association can nominate any other financial members to serve on the Management Committee. Each member can only have one authorised representative to vote.

APFA has a Constitution and Proxy’s are made available for non attending members.