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Welcome to the Australian Prawn Farmers Association

The Australian Prawn Farmer’s Association (APFA) was formed in 1993 to represent the interests and foster the development of the Australian prawn farming industry. The Association is a key contact for investors, new farmers and firms wishing to do business with the Australian prawn farming sector.

The Australian prawn farming industry now produces in excess of 5,000 tonnes (2014/15) of product annually with a farm gate value estimated to be $87.7 million, providing more than 300 direct jobs. The Australian industry is one of the smaller volumetric producers in the world but leads the world in productivity with an average yield of more than 9,000 kg per hectare. Farms are currently located in two Australian states – New South Wales and Queensland.

The industry’s potential economic and environmental contribution to our community is substantial and prawn farming is now one of the largest aquaculture sectors in Australia behind Tuna and Salmon. Enormous opportunity remains for new areas of development and growth in grow-out, hatchery, processing, marketing and service sectors.

The Association provides the link for communications between grower’s and related sectors including infrastructure suppliers, the finance sector, retailers and exporters, technologists, researchers and all levels of government.

As well as lobbying power, members of the Association receive the benefits of networking within industry and related sectors – exchanging ideas and discussing products and methods to improve performance. The Association is encouraged by recent growth in the number of Associate members reflecting increasing corporate and service sector expectations for projected growth in coming decades.

This website provides information about the prawn farming industry and provides the latest research updates for members of the Association. If you are already a member, please visit the member’s only section for the latest reports. All other enquiries please contact us.