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Australian Prawn Farmers Association

Our Australian prawn farmers work hard growing and monitoring every prawn to ensure quality for you. They are proud of the work they do to protect our beautiful waterways and oceans and contribute to a sustainable future for generations to come.

When you buy Australian farmed prawns you are supporting Australian farmers and can be confident of a high quality, nutritious and delicious meal!

Delicious Australian Farmed Prawns - From Farm to Plate

Watch this story from our Australian prawn farmers.
Come with us on a journey to see exactly where Australian Farmed Prawns comes from and how good they look and taste once on a plate.

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With the industry projected to grow to $500m of sales value and to invest $400m in capital expansion projects over the next 5 years, it has never been more beneficial to join a APFA .

The Australian Prawn Farmers Association provides the link for communications between growers and related sectors including infrastructure suppliers, the finance sector, retailers and exporters, technologists, researchers and all levels of government. APFA is also a member of a number of peak body organisations which benefit our Members.

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